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Jeff caught the radio bug while he was still in high school in his hometown of Springfield, IL. He worked part-time at WTAX and WDBR and thought he wanted to be the next Jack Buck, until he realized how difficult play-by-play really is! Jeff attended college at the University of Missouri where he worked at the legendary KCOU college radio station. He worked at a great group of stations in Columbia, MO from ’95-’06 until The Corner brought him to Charlottesville in November of 2006.

I’ve loved my time here, esp. recording Corner Lounge sessions & hosting Brighten The Corners (Tuesdays 10-midnight).  I’m also grateful to be able to cover music festivals for Corner listeners including SXSW, Bonnaroo and more!  Among other things, Cville has taught me to embrace my inner mandolin lover, and it’s also where (in 2008) I met my amazing wife Elizabeth!  Along with our 2 cats – who love everyone, except each other – we live in Crozet, VA and last year we added the best little bundle of joy to our little spot in the world.

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Tuesday, February 19, 201302/19/2013

2/19 – Bonnaroo theme!

Every Weekday at 6pm, we do a request hour with a different theme, started by the New Song of the…

Tuesday, February 19, 201302/19/2013

Belated B’day quotes for Yoko (good & bad ones)

Yesterday (Feb. 18) Yoko Ono turned 80 years old.  Few people have been more scrutinized in that time, and Yahoo!…

Monday, February 18, 201302/18/2013

Black Francis links/history! and an “X” theme

So here’s a short Sweatman/Pixies/Frank Black/Black Francis history for you…ok, maybe not so short, but I’m covering 25 years here! late…

Thursday, February 14, 201302/14/2013

2/14 love/anti-love theme

Every Weekday at 6pm, we do a request hour with a different theme, started by the New Song of the…

Wednesday, February 13, 201302/13/2013

Keep your eyes & ears peeled for this one!

Wednesday, February 13, 201302/13/2013

2/13 Theme – Time songs/bands/albums

Every Weekday at 6pm, we do a request hour with a different theme, started by the New Song of the…

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Thursday, January 31, 201301/31/2013

Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow Theme

Tonight’s request hour had a “Yesterday/today/tomorrow” theme. See what got played!


Wednesday, January 30, 201301/30/2013

N/S/E/W theme

Check out our playlist for the N/S/E/W theme!

Tuesday, January 29, 201301/29/2013

Yes or No theme

See our yes or no themed playlist!

Monday, January 28, 201301/28/2013

Local Snow Day Viral Video + win/lose/lost songs/albums

Check out a local viral video and our latest themed playlist!

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The Piedmont of Italy

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