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Smash Grab Suspect 032414 (sent to us)

March 24, 2014

Albrmarle Police Want To Catch Suspect In Daytime Crimes

Albemarle Police want your help finding a suspect in some recent daytime crimes.

Albemarle Fire & Rescue Vehicle

March 24, 2014

Fire Heavily Damages House On Westfield Road

A Monday morning fire has damaged a house in the 300-block of Westfield Road.

Clinton Bill Edlich Richard 010814

March 24, 2014

UVA Will Honor Retired Professor Who Created Its Burn Center

UVA will conduct a memorial service for a retired professor who died last year

Sullivan Teresa 82612 CC

March 24, 2014

UVA’s President Began College Days At Michigan State

The UVA President knows a lot more about Michigan State than most of her fellow Wahoos.

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